Blinks Game System: 20 New Games

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Get your hands in the game. With 3 unique sets of smart tabletop games, over 20 games to play out of the box and endlessly expandable. "This is the most innovative games of the year." - Jason Levine, The Dice Tower 🎲 "Resonates with children and adults alike." - Charlie Hall, Polygon 👾 "It all feels quite magical... Blinks is a definite winner." - Tina Roth Eisenberg, Swiss Miss 💯 Want to make your own games sign up on the mailing list and pre-order now! Note: Pre-orders to begin fulfillment in September 2020

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Shipping Update
2 days ago – Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 08:50:20 PM

Hello Backers!

Just want to clarify some shipping details for everyone. We had to tier the shipping in order to account for multiple factors of when items would reach our fulfillment centers. We did this to be as agile as possible in sending out what we could as quickly as possible.

For Shipping in the Americas

If you had an extra sushi roll in your order they are shipping this week and you should have tracking this week.

If you have a Dev Kit, we are shipping Dev Kits out this week, and they will leave the warehouse and be sent to you by next week when you will receive tracking information for the whole package.

All EU Backers

We are sending out the Dev Kits at the same time as the US and you should be receiving tracking by next week. You will receive separate tracking for the Dev Kits and separate tracking for the Sushi Roll.

Sushi Rolls are not included because we are remanufacturing them to meet customs + QC standards. We do not yet have an estimated time for delivery but they are in production and we will have more details for you very soon.

Asia, Africa, and AU Backers

Your Dev Kits are being sent out this week as well.

We acknowledge your confusion and frustration at the newest Kickstarter going live before you have your Dev kits.

We are learning how to improve the experience for backers with each Kickstarter. We did try everything, within our ability, to get all the orders fulfilled and delivered earlier but couldn't push this new release to have deliveries for the holidays.

We are actively tracking packages and helping with any errors as they come. If you have any questions about your shipping please reach out to


The Move38 Team

The moment you've been waiting for.....
4 days ago – Sun, Oct 18, 2020 at 09:15:54 AM

Hi Backers!

This is the moment you've been waiting for....Blinks are finally shipping! You read that right. We are so thrilled to have them coming to you.

Shipping Update

We do want to apologize for any confusion as our warehouse sent you notices once they received your pledges and addresses.  Blinks will be leaving the warehouse this Wednesday (10/14) for US Backers, and to our International backers by the end of the week. For Canadian backers, we do anticipate a minor delivery delay for customs.

Note on Developer Kits:

To our US backers, If you ordered a developer kit and are in the US, your developer kits are getting assembled this week and will be included in a single package shipping by the end of next week.

For EU backers, the developer kits were not listed on the emails you received recently from the warehouse because we will be shipping them separately. They will arrive a little behind the other packages but not by much. Do not panic if you do not see the developer kit listed, we have you accounted for.😉

For International backers not in the EU, the developer kits will be shipped in a separate package from Move38. You will receive tracking information directly from us.

We will follow up with tracking information as packages ship.🙌

Games, Games, Games.

Are you ready for the fun? In addition to illustrating the instruction booklets, we've shot step-by-step instructions for each of the games you'll be receiving and posted them on our website and on our YouTube Channel.

How to Play Community Set Games 

How to Play Core Set Games

How to Play Expansion Set Games 

Join the Blinks Community

As a backer of the Blinks Community Kickstarter, you are already a member. Soon with Blinks in your hands, we'll wanna see all of the fun you and your family are having. TAG US on your favorite channels #playblinks #move38 @move38inc

Follow Blinks on your favorite channels and meet other Blinks community members like yourselves.

Whether you are a game player or a game maker, Blinks is a very supportive community.


Twitch Streamer, Sheena Georges will host Move38's Ishmael to learn to play Blinks

Thursday 12 EST 

This Friday-Sunday is AW SHUX. A free online festival of games brought to you by Shut Up and Sit Down.

You can join the fun here: and be sure to play along with the Move38 Team live on Twitch. 


  • 10am Action Games
  • 11am Family Fun 
  • 12pm is Betting/ Social Games 
  • 1pm Casual Strategy  
  • 2pm Deep Strategy 
  • 3pm Puzzle Games  
  • 4pm Solo/Relaxing Games 
  • 5pm Audience Fan Favorites 
  • 6pm-8pm Special Developer Stream. Make your own games

We hope you'll help us bring the next games to life! 

The Move38 Team is excited to keep bringing new games to your table. The holidays are fast approaching and we want to give everyone a chance to add to their Blinks library. Starting next week, be the first to add 6 more games to your collection right here on Kickstarter

Blinks Game System and the Epic Adventure Expansion sets off October 20th, 2020

With your support the Move38 team is growing and we're getting more efficient every day. From a dream of bringing new forms of play to the world, to growing a company that is bringing amazing people together, around the world, I couldn't be more grateful to have you all on this journey with us.

Looking forward to having you join us on the next steps of our journey together.

All our best,

Jon Bobrow and the Move38 Team.

Blinks Shipping, Grade A Sushi, and Getting Games in Your Hands
16 days ago – Tue, Oct 06, 2020 at 04:46:10 PM

Hi Backers,

We are incredibly excited to announce that your pledges are packed up from the manufacturer and are on the first leg of their trip. Once they arrive at our warehouses, you'll receive an email with a tracking number when your individual package is packed and labeled. The first packages will arrive at doorsteps as early as late next week. 

EU/UK Customers

Short story, a batch of our sushi roll cases were not up to our standards and did not pass QC. Since quality is our #1 priority, we will be shipping new rolls to you AFTER we send you your games. This means that our EU/UK backers will receive your Blinks soon but there will be a small empty space where a Sushi Roll would live. We apologize for this inconvenience and will be sending the Sushi once the replacement production is complete and passes QC. We'd rather you be able to play with your Blinks than have to wait any longer.

Reviewers Are Delighted

We've been getting a number of great reviews on Blinks lately and make us darn excited to be bringing Blinks to all of you. Matt Halverson of Board Game Halv writes "Blinks is straight out of the future."

"There are so many options and definitely has something for everyone. There is racing, puzzles, games of chance, strategy resource management games, dexterity games and so much more. For something you can pull out of your pocket, there is a ton of gaming power here."

-Matt Halverson, Board Game Halv

Read his full review here.

Blinks was also featured on a recent episode of Rolling Dice and Taking Name Podcast here. Discussion starts at the 5 minute mark. We can't wait for you to share in their delight!

AW SHUX, It's Autumn

The wonderful folks at Shut Up and Sit Down are hosting the biggest virtual gaming convention of the season. For the occasion, the Move38 Team will be premiering our Twitch Channel for the whole weekend of October 16th-Oct 18th. It's a great way to learn more about Blinks, meet game designers, see games played, join some challenges, and have a good time.

Excited to get your Blinks in your hands very soon.

Jon Bobrow and Move38 Team

*Sushi refers to the Sushi Roll cases, no worries about raw fish being shipped here :)

Delivery Schedule Update, Dev Kit Assembly, All the Game Mats and more!
about 2 months ago – Sun, Sep 06, 2020 at 04:44:07 AM

Hi Backers

We’re so close!

Detailed Shipping Timeline

Late Thursday night, we received our last updates to the shipping schedule as the assembly of your Blinks will be completed and ready at the port on September 22nd. I know this comes as sad news as the projections showed a September arrival, but some materials took longer than expected to finalize. Even the games got some last minute polish. We want you to be able to enjoy your Blinks for a lifetime, so getting all of the details just right makes all the difference.

To make up some of that time, we are rush air-freighting the inventory to 3 different warehouses. We expect Blinks to arrive at our warehouses around September 29th and then be pick and packed to be shipped out in the first week of October. We have learned a lot about shipping this year, and think our new partners and system are incredibly well suited to deliver reliably.

Locking in Addresses

Today you’ll receive the notice. 48 hours to update your shipping address. If you will be in a different location the first 2 weeks of October, please update your address accordingly, we don’t want you to miss your Blinks.

Dev Tools

Developer Tools assembled

The developer tools have come together really nicely and the developer forum is bubbling with great new games, experiments, and even a new Blinks library! Move38 is gaining access to our office in the coming two weeks, and while we would have been assembling these in house, they are being assembled partially at the factory and partially in NYC. For those of you that ordered developer tools, they will most likely ship in a separate package so that you get all of your Blinks, Blanks, and the developer tools will not hold up your other items. Developer Tools will also be shipping in October, but require one more stop on their way to your homes.

Good news on Game Mats

Most products are difficult to manufacture in low quantities at reasonable prices, and so we set targets for getting each of the game mats to a minimum order size. Because 200 of you ordered game mats, the wonderful people of Inked Gaming agreed to even print the less popular options, so everyone gets their choices. If you wanted to get a mat that didn’t look like it was going to reach it’s goal, let us know ASAP and we’ll add it to your order.

The full library of Game Mats currently available

Better Together

I have to take a moment here to express a deep gratitude to the Move38 team. In 2018, when I had launched the first version of Blinks on Kickstarter, we had only 2 games and managed to design and develop more than 12 unique experiences to ship the first sets of Blinks. As the lone person working full time on Blinks, it took me nearly 2 years to work out all of the kinks and deliver. An incredible community has grown around Blinks and Move38 and I am lucky to now have the support of a team that makes anything feel like it can be accomplished. Working through the pandemic has its challenges, and I feel incredibly lucky to have the team by my side and elevating Blinks to the next level.

If you have joined one of our now weekly Live-streams, you have surely gotten to know Dan, our Director of Game Design, Marty our Director of Communications and Marketing, Ishmael our CFO, and Josh, our Tech Lead. The most recent member and Admin Assistant, Mary, is already making waves. And lastly our summer game design interns, helped bring all of the materials together for the Community Set and accomplished much more (coming soon). From scripting tutorial videos, rigorously play testing games, writing instructions to designing game label art, this is only the tip of the iceberg for our interns. We have no doubt that you are going to love your Blinks and the Community Set games.

Coming Soon

In the name of building a game system, there are new games being designed all of the time. Our top priority is getting your Blinks into your hands so you can start playing... then we want to bring you more games 🥳.  We have set the date to launch our next games and collaborations on October 20th, so mark your calendars🗓

Stretch Goals Survey Still Open

We ❤️ Kickstarter and think it's the best place to give our biggest fans and supporters a chance to make the next games of Blinks a reality. With any luck and your help, we'll continue to need some really great stretch goals. Take 15 seconds and help up with this 1 question survey, we're listening!

Click Here for the Survey

Learn the Games

Did you know that we have livestreams on Instagram and on YouTube? Ishmael and the team plays games on Instagram Live on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month and Jon is on YouTube every Thursday with special guests and new ways to play with Blinks.

Wishing everyone a Happy Labor Day Weekend!

all my best,

Jonathan + the Move38 team

P.S. a shout out to our friends at Freedrum with version 2 of their air-drumming kits. If you didn't know Jonathan happens to love playing Air-musical instruments :) 

A Midsummer Production Update
2 months ago – Sun, Aug 16, 2020 at 08:06:55 PM

Hi Backers,

Can you believe it's already August. We are back in the office preparing some materials and getting the Summer Sets out the door. Meanwhile, our manufacturing partners are incredibly hard at work building the nearly 25,000 Blinks you've ordered, including the first ever Community Set Games. We've been making final tweaks to the games, getting all the support material in place, and helping our partners put it all together.

Ishmael, Dan, and Jonathan being the least socially distanced all day for this one photo :)

Shipping Updates

Originally slated for August Delivery, our factory has updated us that the current shipping schedule is for the first week of September. Of course, we will keep you updated on this progress. Two weeks before we start shipping Blinks to your doorstep, you'll get a reminder from BackerKit that you can update your mailing address before it locks in for good.

Tying Up BackerKit

93% of you have locked in your pledges and those that haven't yet, check your inbox for emails from BackerKit, we'd love for you to get your rewards on time. As mentioned above, you can still adjust your shipping address, so no worries if you move between now and when we ship.

Stretch Goals

Because of your strong support, we managed to unlock our stretch goals and make 3 new color Sushi Roll cases, included and coordinated with each of the sets of Blinks. We are getting ready to launch new games for the end of the year and would love your help in planning the best possible stretch goals. If you can leave your suggestion on this 1 question survey, we appreciate your input!

Click Here for the Survey

Get Excited!

Blinks was recently reviewed by Tony Mastrangeli, editor of Board Game Quest. He gives you a taste of what's coming your way. You can read it here:

Say Hi!👋

We love interacting with the Blinks Community. In this moment of staying inside, it's great to find ways to connect with fans, family, and friends. We're having a great time sharing Blinks games, answering questions and sharing behind the scenes details on Youtube Livestreams.

Jonathan West joining a Blinks Livestream and sharing a new game designed to be played with the Widgets Blink called "Topple Stones"

Have something you'd like to share or to see discussed on the streams? Reply in the comments.

The Blinks Forum

The Blinks community continues to grow and we love seeing you interact with each other so much. We welcome you to pop your head in and join the community on our forum. The Blinks forum is an active and supportive part of the community and developers would love to engage with your ideas. Have a game idea you'd like to see created? Drop in the forum.

Looking forward to sharing more updates soon!

all my best,

Jonathan + the Move38 team