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Get your hands in the game. With 3 unique sets of smart tabletop games, over 20 games to play out of the box and endlessly expandable. "This is the most innovative games of the year." - Jason Levine, The Dice Tower 🎲 "Resonates with children and adults alike." - Charlie Hall, Polygon 👾 "It all feels quite magical... Blinks is a definite winner." - Tina Roth Eisenberg, Swiss Miss 💯 Want to make your own games sign up on the mailing list and pre-order now! Note: Pre-orders to begin fulfillment in September 2020

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Sushi Rolls Shipping, Game System Released, and Making Blinks Games at Global Game Jam
19 days ago – Sat, Jan 09, 2021 at 12:09:56 AM

Hi Backers,

We have just a few quick notes for you today. Read on for the exciting updates.

Replacement Sushi Roll cases shipping.

After a refactoring, manufacturing delays, and navigating around-the-world logistics during holiday peaks, those of you awaiting sushi roll carrying cases will be seeing them very soon. They are leaving our warehouse as we speak and should all be arriving within the next week.

Game System Released, Dev Tools Restocked.

The new Blinks Game System is now shipping and for 3 days only, it's $129.

We are so excited to be offering 9 of your favorite Blinks Games in one package. It's a great way to start your friends and family on Blinks or add more to your collection.

Bare Bones Developer Kits are also back in stock on the website

If you missed the fall Kickstarter, Pre-Orders are also open for the brand new Epic Adventure Set, Bundles, and Game Packs with more ways to play. 

Fire up your Developer Kits

Global Game Jam is coming up in less than 3 weeks and it's a fantastic opportunity to make games for Blinks. We'll be supporting all weekend and helping teams with code and ideas. Can't wait to see the games you come up with. Don't have a dev kit? No problem, you can contribute to a team without one as well.  Check out the Top 10 Reasons to Join Global Game Jam this year and learn more about the event.

**SIGN UP HERE TO JOIN**. Jump right in, we'll send more information closer to the event.

Stay in Touch

We are now planning on slowing down the posts on this campaign page but you will continue to receive Blinks Updates from us where you'll hear about new games, sales, and more ways to play.

Of course, let us know or just unsubscribe, if you'd like to stop receiving email updates.

If at any time you need support, contact us at for prompt answers to any Blinks question you may have.

Lastly, we love seeing the amazing photos and videos of you enjoying your Blinks, be sure to tag us @move38inc and #playblinks

all my best,

Jonathan & the Move38 team

Happy Holidays (+ An update for our EU Backers)
about 1 month ago – Thu, Dec 24, 2020 at 05:54:53 PM

Hi Blinksters!

We've made it, 2020 is almost over and we hope Blinks will continue to brighten up spirits. The Move38 team is celebrating the holidays and looking forward to bringing lots more joy to 2021.

I'd like to share a last bit of good news for our EU Backers. Thank you so much for your patience as we delivered Blinks without Sushi Roll cases to make sure you could play and enjoy your Blinks without delay. I can confirm that the replacement Sushi Roll cases have safely arrived at our warehouse in the UK just earlier today and they'll be unpacked soon to be shipped out to all of you still awaiting Sushi Roll cases. We'll share tracking information when they ship (likely the following week).

If you have any questions getting started with your Blinks, check out our resources at and of course feel free to reach out for any help to

Lastly, if you are breaking out Blinks for the holidays, don't forget to share them with us @move38inc and #playblinks. We love seeing you and your loved ones having a blast with Blinks.

all my best,

Jonathan + the Move38 team 

Shipping Updates
3 months ago – Fri, Nov 13, 2020 at 12:08:27 AM

Hi Backers,

To those of you with your Blinks, we're thrilled with the response! While most orders have been fulfilled, there are still some outstanding items. This update includes information for everyone, so read on to find the latest on your shipment status.

Sushi Rolls

There are a couple of reasons you might be waiting on Sushi Roll cases depending on your order and location. If you are in the EU, your boxes should not have included Sushi Roll cases, see below for replacements.

There are now 5 types of Sushi Roll cases (from left to right)

  • Black/Orange - This is a limited edition from KS 2018 that accidentally snuck its way into some Core and Expansion Sets
  • Black - Designed to ship with the (6 & 12 pack) Developer Kits
  •  Ikura Orange - Designed to ship with the Core Set
  •  Wasabi Green - Designed to ship with the Expansion Set
  •  Ube Purple - Designed to ship with the Community Set

It looks like our fulfillment partners sent some of you the Black/Orange Sushi Roll cases inside of the Core and Expansion Sets instead of the intended Ikura Orange and Wasabi Green. If you received the Black/Orange Sushi Roll, you can of course request a replacement Ikura Orange or Wasabi Green Sushi Roll.

EU Replacements: The new sushi rolls passed our rigorous Quality Control tests and are in production. The new production is going to happen in tandem with our Holiday shipment batch so they will be shipping in December. Once they arrive at the warehouse in December, we'll send an email to let you know when they ship to you.

Backers with Developer Kits

For the EU Backers

Dev Kits had a delay through customs but we have verified that they are in the warehouse and are already being fulfilled.

For Canada

Dev Kits are still on their way to the Canadian warehouse. We will make sure that once they begin shipping we will update you with tracking.

For the US

You should have everything including tracking.

For Asia, Africa, and AU Backers

You should have your shipments please reach out if you do not have your shipment yet or if you need tracking.

For any help you may need please write to us at There is no other email that will put you in contact with us directly.

Join the New KS to Unlock the Next Stretch Goal

We think the latest Blinks games are taking Blinks to new heights (or depths, depending on the adventure 😀). We heard y'all loud and clear that you are excited about new games and experiences and with our latest Kickstarter, we are stretching for a new game, that can be included free for every backer. Check out the details here in our latest update, and join us to get new games at the Kickstarter discounted prices.

Looking forward to seeing y'all get the new games.

all my best,

Jonathan + the Move38 team

Shipping Update
3 months ago – Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 08:50:20 PM

Hello Backers!

Just want to clarify some shipping details for everyone. We had to tier the shipping in order to account for multiple factors of when items would reach our fulfillment centers. We did this to be as agile as possible in sending out what we could as quickly as possible.

For Shipping in the Americas

If you had an extra sushi roll in your order they are shipping this week and you should have tracking this week.

If you have a Dev Kit, we are shipping Dev Kits out this week, and they will leave the warehouse and be sent to you by next week when you will receive tracking information for the whole package.

All EU Backers

We are sending out the Dev Kits at the same time as the US and you should be receiving tracking by next week. You will receive separate tracking for the Dev Kits and separate tracking for the Sushi Roll.

Sushi Rolls are not included because we are remanufacturing them to meet customs + QC standards. We do not yet have an estimated time for delivery but they are in production and we will have more details for you very soon.

Asia, Africa, and AU Backers

Your Dev Kits are being sent out this week as well.

We acknowledge your confusion and frustration at the newest Kickstarter going live before you have your Dev kits.

We are learning how to improve the experience for backers with each Kickstarter. We did try everything, within our ability, to get all the orders fulfilled and delivered earlier but couldn't push this new release to have deliveries for the holidays.

We are actively tracking packages and helping with any errors as they come. If you have any questions about your shipping please reach out to


The Move38 Team

The moment you've been waiting for.....
3 months ago – Sun, Oct 18, 2020 at 09:15:54 AM

Hi Backers!

This is the moment you've been waiting for....Blinks are finally shipping! You read that right. We are so thrilled to have them coming to you.

Shipping Update

We do want to apologize for any confusion as our warehouse sent you notices once they received your pledges and addresses.  Blinks will be leaving the warehouse this Wednesday (10/14) for US Backers, and to our International backers by the end of the week. For Canadian backers, we do anticipate a minor delivery delay for customs.

Note on Developer Kits:

To our US backers, If you ordered a developer kit and are in the US, your developer kits are getting assembled this week and will be included in a single package shipping by the end of next week.

For EU backers, the developer kits were not listed on the emails you received recently from the warehouse because we will be shipping them separately. They will arrive a little behind the other packages but not by much. Do not panic if you do not see the developer kit listed, we have you accounted for.😉

For International backers not in the EU, the developer kits will be shipped in a separate package from Move38. You will receive tracking information directly from us.

We will follow up with tracking information as packages ship.🙌

Games, Games, Games.

Are you ready for the fun? In addition to illustrating the instruction booklets, we've shot step-by-step instructions for each of the games you'll be receiving and posted them on our website and on our YouTube Channel.

How to Play Community Set Games 

How to Play Core Set Games

How to Play Expansion Set Games 

Join the Blinks Community

As a backer of the Blinks Community Kickstarter, you are already a member. Soon with Blinks in your hands, we'll wanna see all of the fun you and your family are having. TAG US on your favorite channels #playblinks #move38 @move38inc

Follow Blinks on your favorite channels and meet other Blinks community members like yourselves.

Whether you are a game player or a game maker, Blinks is a very supportive community.


Twitch Streamer, Sheena Georges will host Move38's Ishmael to learn to play Blinks

Thursday 12 EST 

This Friday-Sunday is AW SHUX. A free online festival of games brought to you by Shut Up and Sit Down.

You can join the fun here: and be sure to play along with the Move38 Team live on Twitch. 


  • 10am Action Games
  • 11am Family Fun 
  • 12pm is Betting/ Social Games 
  • 1pm Casual Strategy  
  • 2pm Deep Strategy 
  • 3pm Puzzle Games  
  • 4pm Solo/Relaxing Games 
  • 5pm Audience Fan Favorites 
  • 6pm-8pm Special Developer Stream. Make your own games

We hope you'll help us bring the next games to life! 

The Move38 Team is excited to keep bringing new games to your table. The holidays are fast approaching and we want to give everyone a chance to add to their Blinks library. Starting next week, be the first to add 6 more games to your collection right here on Kickstarter

Blinks Game System and the Epic Adventure Expansion sets off October 20th, 2020

With your support the Move38 team is growing and we're getting more efficient every day. From a dream of bringing new forms of play to the world, to growing a company that is bringing amazing people together, around the world, I couldn't be more grateful to have you all on this journey with us.

Looking forward to having you join us on the next steps of our journey together.

All our best,

Jon Bobrow and the Move38 Team.